Asphalt Drum Mix Control Panel

Control Panel : Construction : Asphalt Drum Mix Control Panel And SCADA

  • Asphalt Drum mix Control Panel with PLC based fully automatic control system
    Our automatic Controls include temperature controllers, burner management controller, and PLC (programmable logic controller) for control of mixing. An emergency plant shutdown control enables the operator to shut down the entire plant. Motor controls enable the operator to turn off/on power to motors that operate the air compressor, exhaust fan, drum drives, drum mixer burner blower, drag conveyor, slinger conveyor, fines-return auger and fuel pump. These controls also provide the plant operator with control of mid-stream start/stop., key switch for manual/auto control, manual start/stop buttons, cold feed control, Printer supplied for production logging of essential data from each batch. Production data online printing, Network port to allow remote viewing and control of the process on PC.
  • Asphalt Drum mix Control Panel with Microprocessor based Control System
  • Asphalt Drum mix SCADA Software
    A. Asphalt Drum Mix SCADA monitors and controls the processes which ensure to achieve the required performance consistently.
    B. All the operations can be controlled from a single central location.
    C. It reduces the dependency on labour force for operational requirements, as it is automated, improves the quality to high standards.
    D. Asphalt Drum Mix SCADA stores all the data in its database server, thus if required, the data can be accessed in the future to assess the performances.
    E. The site engineer or the construction manager has a control over all the processes at centralized location.
    F. It is difficult to monitor the temperature variation in bituminous mix during transportation from plant to site; However, Asphalt Drum Mix SCADA removed this difficulty.

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