What We Do

What We DO at GCAPL

Control Panel Manufacturing

GCAPL offers a full array of control system manufacturing services, from industrial automation for large batch orders to custom fabrication for unique applications. Regardless of the product or service, our commitment to excellence in quality and service means that we’ll deliver your panels to the right specification, when you need them, at the right value.

Engineering & Design

With the increasing intricacy of machinery and process systems, the importance of having well-designed, efficient and reliable control systems is essential. GCAPL offers a full array of engineering and design services with expert design software like EPLAN and AutoCAD. Engineering staff is able to provide assistance on individual elements of the design and manufacturing process or on a turn-key system solution for design through installation.

System Integration

GCAPL approaches system integration systematically, viewing each step in the process as essential to creating a unified, well-designed control system. Our system engineers and manufacturing technicians have a long history in selecting, configuring, and assembling components. Working together, they are able to work through the challenges of component connectivity and compatibility to create control systems that are functional, intelligent and able to stand the test of time.

System Architecture

Combining creativity and a sense of value, our engineers are experts at designing the right system for each application. GCAPL tailors the scope of each project to provide the level of design detail appropriate to the application. Our control system design package may include PLC and HMI platforms, Batch Control, SCADA, RTUs and Redundancy.

Installation & Start Up

Without correct installation and testing, even the best-designed control systems risk not performing properly. Our installation department is staffed by highly qualified journeyman and master electricians who work onsite until the complete system — hardware and software — is operating to our customer’s satisfaction. Services include Instrumentation, Testing, Training and Documentation.
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