Plastic & Packaging

Industry : Plastic

In a world where globalization plays such an important role, modularly constructed plastics systems from different manufacturers must be able to communicate with one another. GCAPL offers these standards while actively working to further develop and improve them. GCAPL has years of experience in handling industrial plastics processes and offers many solutions that contain proven technology for control loops and auto-tuning procedures. Sophisticated closed loop control technology is based on the absolute latest concepts and enables the best machine performance and precision. GCAPL has proven the performance and International quality in Multi zone Extrusion Machines, Profile Plant, Pipe Plant and many more.

Industry : Packaging

Today’s solutions require more flexible automation with intelligent electronic systems to meet customers changing demands and synchronies multiple axes. You need to increase the performance of your machine and reduce changeover time. You must also speed up time-to-market & reduce commissioning time. GCAPL’s innovative packaging solutions can save up to 30% reduction time to market by intelligent control systems, increasing performance, modularity and flexibility while reducing wiring and panel space. Automation solution increases performance and flexibility through high production speed, fully automated changeover, easy customization at very low cost.

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