SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

Applications : SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

Computer based Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition that can provide complete system-wide monitoring and control from a single computer workstation. Includes data logging and reporting of all system components. Alarming capabilities.

We understand the details, features and benefits of SCADA systems and our clients benefit from our holistic approach to providing complete solutions, from concept planning to engineering, programming, commissioning, post construction technical support and training.

Our Team Specializes In:

Water treatment and supply

Steel Plant processing

Concrete Batchmix Plant

Asphalt Batchmix Plant

Remote site monitoring

Reliability And Robustness

These systems are used for mission critical industrial processes where reliability and performance are paramount. In addition, specific development is performed within a well-established framework that enhances reliability and robustness.

Maximize Productivity

Maximizes productivity and ensures continuous production. SCADA’s design is centered on multi-level redundancy to ensure constant communication and operation of your system.

Reduce Your Operating And Maintenance Costs

Through the deployment of a centralized SCADA system you can significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs; fewer personnel are required to monitor field gear in remote locations. This results in increased operator effectiveness. Also, less maintenance trips are required.

Integrate With Your Business Systems

A SCADA system can be easily integrated with your existing business systems, leading to increased production. In addition, this system implementation allows you to transform, analyze, and present real-time information.

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